COMUNDO: Degree in Agriculture - Ongata Rongai

      COMUNDO shares a global commitment for the socially disadvantaged and for a holistic and sustainable development. The organisation sends out volunteering specialists who support projects of partner organisations in 7 countries. In their places of action they are working in partnership with the locals, sharing their lives and engaging in intercultural exchange on a daily Basis

        Country, Place: Kenya, Ongata Rongai

        Profession: Degree in Agriculture

        Start of commitment: August 2019 or by Agreement

        Duration: 3 years


      For many people in Kenya access to food and resources are scarce and possibility of employment is low. The focus of this project lies on two communities, one from Samburu, a semi-arid area in the North part of Kenya, and one from Kibera, an informal slum settlement in Nairobi. Organic farming can support communities from semi-arid areas as well as from urban settings to fulfill their nutritional needs and to promote entrepreneurship to improve the livelihood of the people.


      Partner Organisation:

      Yarumal missionaries arrived in Kenya in 1982 and always work in the most marginalized areas. They usually stay in communities where people are neglected and suffer from hunger, recurrent droughts, lack of formal education and violence. In the formation house Yarumal missionaries usually receive different groups from their communities for trainings or further formation. The farm around the formation house is used for small farming activities, but not yet utilized to its limit. It gives an opportunity to teach on different approaches in regards to the environment the people live in.


      As co-worker of COMUNDO you act as a trainer for agriculture, forestry, management of natural resources and Farm Operations Coordinator. You work primarily with the people at the formation house (Yarumal Priests and brothers, seminarians, catechists, staff members) to enable them to develop farming programs in their future missions in Samburu and Kibera.

      Objectives of the post 

• Concepts for land use and organic, sustainable methods in crops and animal production for different areas (urban & semi-arid) are developed.
• Training concepts for organic farming and animal production are developed.
• Farm training centre as a tool for advising and training on diverse agriculture methods is established.


          • Diploma / Master or equivalent degree in agriculture, forestry, natural resource management or related disciplines
          • At least 3 years experiences and knowledge in sustainable methods in agricultural advice on crops and animal production.
          • Resident in Switzerland or Germany.
          • Very good English language skills and openness to learn Kiswahili.

          General Working Conditions 
          Between 25 and 60 years old.
          • Resident in Switzerland or Germany.
          • Completed vocational or tertiary education.
          • At least 2 years of professional experience.
          • Good knowledge of the national language of the country of destination.
          • Good physical and mental health.
          • You display initiative and commitment and work well in a team.
          • You like to improvise and be creative in order to find new ways of doing things.
          • You are keen to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds, religions and living environments.
          • You are prepared to sign up for a three year assignment and motivated to live a simple lifestyle during this time.
          • You are prepared to contribute to public relations and fundraising.
          • Workload: 100%

          We offer 
          An exciting working environment with an ample space for initiative, participation and enabling intercultural contacts
          • An adequate preparation
          • Introduction to the situation of the country of destination and local support
          • Travelling costs in both directions are covered.
          • Living and insurance costs during your assignment are covered.
          • After the return initial aid is provided. 

          Application Procedure 
          Before submitting a written application we recommend that you contact the organisation or attend an information meeting in your neighbourhood. This will provide you with more detailed information about the application procedure, the working conditions, the working culture and benefits provided by COMUNDO. You will find the respective dates on our website.
          The application form may also be found on our website or you may get it at the information meeting. The questionnaire and a short life story (as described in the guidelines) will supplement the usual application documentation (motivational letter, curriculum vitae, certificates and job references).

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